Konna ni Chikaku de (Translation)

realized that love is painful when I was right beside you that night
Because I know you better than anyone else
Your natural kindness
compresses my heart so much it hurts

Even though I'm looking at you right beside me
Why, why are we still just friends?
Even though I think about you so much
I can't convey my feelings
You don't understand
I'm so in love with you

The moment you said "You look down"
Hiding my tears by yawning, using lack of sleep as an excuse
Right now I'm always lying to my most precious person

Because my heart hurts day after day
I spend countless nights without sleep
Ever since the first day we met by chance
If only we could return to that time
I'm so in love with you

It'd be nice to confess and love you
Is it impossible to go back to our smiling faces?
Although remaining as friends and not confessing might be better than love
Because I'm not able to do it anyway

Truly, truly I've always loved you
I always, always want to continue loving you
I want to send these feelings to you
I whisper them to the blue sky
I'm so in love with you

Just like this, I look at you from up close
But why, why are we only just friends?
No matter how strong my feelings are
I can't convey it to you
You don't understand
I'm so in love with you

I really like this Nodame's Theme song, especially the violins. They're sounded good.
I listened to this song again and again and I never feel bored.


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