Merapi Djogjakarta

Hahaha....... Finally we're arrived at Djogja. My family and I were took holiday at Djogja City.
First, we went to Purworejo for pilgrimage to the tomb of Grandma. Then, we went to Djogja for taking the holiday. My mother, the one who most fear about the tragedy at least able to see the sight.

I edited this photo to make "lebay" effect. (LOL)
so I could see directly the effects of the eruption. grey sands, fallen trees, a new ravine formed, and the collapsing buildings are in everywhere............

the eruption makes that place look like a ghost town!!!
people whose homes have been razed to the ground making it as a tourist to finance the construction of their houses back. of course, beyond the cost of sands and stones 'cause there's so much river material there. it's free. (LOL) that material is available and abundant until city street of Magelang. wowowow....



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