Finding a beloved future spouse

Assalamu'alaykum guyss ...

The last ten days of Ramadan, this week Retno home late continously because there is bukber event. What is bukber? Retno will explain it in the next post. Ah did not seem to be explained. But is fine to explain for my foreign blog visitor. Ya whatever lah.

Tonight I just come back from bukber Alumni Muhammadiyah.Temu kangen with the old school friends in junior high... yeaayy Thank God there are already some who are married. So, such of this question arises. "Retno, when is your marriage?"

Hm ... got no future husband yet, guys ... but I optimist, "end of this year or the next year. Aamiin .."

Elza continue the question, "You've got a future husband already?" *glek
Heyy!! Look at my eyes, Elza ... closer, deeper. "Of course! But do not know yet who he is. Hahahaha ... have a stronggg faith.."

Then this conversation going on between me and Aisyah, one of my best of the bestie in junioh high, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of town Cibinong night;

"I wonder what kind of a man can conquer your heart? LOL
"Since you are really mysterious, I never know the type of guy that you like. Daniel Radcliffe?"

Oh well ... hhaha ... Retno's first crush ever, Daniel. The Harry Potter. What the ~
"Hmm .... maybe I like a guy who looked like me. Retno's version guy."

Retno's version guy? Could he really exist?
Sure, there is. I found one of "him" anyway, but 'cz I'm a kind of annoying crazy fun person, so I fall in love with the same insane guy. How annoying! Bad news, that man too damn far faaarr away from me. Wkwkwk ... so, how could we choose the place to fall?


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