Last Day In Office Before Long Holiday For Eid Festive 1436 H

Today, our body is in office but our mind is not. We think about long holiday, to spend it with our beloved ones. To work? Not really. We are supposed to go home earlier, about 2 PM.

Yeaaayyy.. yippiee...

As Adit sungkem with me and Mbak Fathya then I ask permission to my boss if I can home earlier too. I get that permission but wait until Mbak Fathya ask Eka to join with our farewell selfie. Hhaha... meuni gandengg... we don't have any work to do, just having fun with people left in there (most of them has leaving, travel to their hometown).

Boys are playing playstation, watching the TV, browsing, etc. There are only 3 girls in IT division and we are taking selfie together. Hhahaha... guys please understand our gandengness. So, here we are... menyongsong hari raya Idul Fitri 1436 H dengan suka cita gegap gempita gemah ripah loh jinawi luar biasa.

Love is in the air ~
Mbak Fathya - Eka - Me. See I always had love in the end.
Dizziness face. The last one is very meme-able.
So Pathetic. Hahaha...
We don't have many picture saved, but the joy of selfie is incredible. Really sorry about sound pollution of our HAHAHA and WKWKWK. Yet dozen a pictures we take but only few of them we can accept. Hahaha.. selfie is not easy thing. It needs hardwork to keep your face matter on the camera. It needs teamwork so every picture we take is good. If one of us do the mistake, make unexpected move, causing the blur effect in one side, then finish. We must delete that picture.

After that, we watch funny video and anything... until 3PM. Yaaahh... we can't go home earlier. Pray ashar first then prepare to go home. But after we pray, Eka remember that one of Rantang Cinta team member will leaving soon. We MUST take selfie. But he ain't in office right now, he's in somewhere ~ needs 30 minutes to arrive here.

We are ready to go home, it just to take a single click to order GO-JEK and bring me home. Hmm... Bang Bern ain't arrive yet.. it almost 4:30 PM. Mbak Fathya and I click the botton. We'll go home without taking selfie with Bang Bern.

Go-jek driver found, and he wait for me in front of the office building. But I'm not allowed to go home before sungkem with everyone in the office room. Like crazy, so many of them!! GO-JEK driver is waiting for me down there, loooh... but oke, for preparing the pure heart in Eid.

As I stand in front of the lift with Eka, lift opened with Bang Bern inside. Aaaahhh whyyy... why you just come right now. GO-Jek driver is waiting for me. Hikss... but oke lah to take some selfies. Men, it will take too long time.

Photos are censored. After doing that things then I running to downstairs. Not really running, but a little bit hurry. Meet some of friends then sungkem with obviously fake smile to hide the rush. LOL... but what I get? The GO-JEK driver left me! Hikssss.... he doesn't even attend my phone call. Too long I waste his precious time. What can I do, I cancel the order and can not re-order. Going home with Kopaja75, also with Mbak Fathya because none of GO-JEK driver want to take her home. Hhaha... peace mbak Fath :D


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