When your duas don't seem to get answered

You pray and pray, spending long hours in sujood crying your heart out to Him. Asking Him to give you something, or maybe to remove some harm from you.

But no matter how hard you supplicate, sometimes your duas just dont seem to get answered. Don’t get disheartened or frustated. It is in these moments that you need to show faith and belief in Him.

He didn’t give it to you at that time, because it would bring you more harm than good. Delay doesn’t mean denied. Or maybe what we are asking for, isn’t good for us.
He knows. He knows it all.

For indeed He is Al-Samad
– The One that everything relies upon.

Believe in Him to bless you with what is right for you.
And, be patient. Be patient.

Allah has heard your duas, and He is going to answer them beautifully in ways you not know of.
And bless you with what’s best for you.

How generous and kind is our Lord.


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