Text: The Danger of Music - By Ust.Nouman Ali Khan

okay, I don't have bias against any particular culture of genre of music, etc, etc.
I have strong objections to music per se... through there is some scholarty discussion about it. But I will show you what I am convinced of. I think now a days, music probably one of the easiest means to lose your moral sense.

it is... music is audio pornography. Today that's what it is.
It's explicit, it's shameless. It's vulgar. It takes your sense of humanity away from you. It makes you look at women as objects. Worse than objects. Worse than animals... just assets. And these people are talking about women like they're talking about an animal... really.

It objectifies women and especially I've notices that a lot of brothers that I know of... MUSLIM. That are really into the hip hop scene. And they are kind of doing the "hifz" of the song. Right... they are memorizing the song. And they are really good at reciting it with perfect tajweed too, right. So they do that and it's just horrible language. Horrible, horrific, horrific language.

Do you know the only simple response I have to that. If you have any regard for the book of Allah (SWT). That you really think it's from Allah (SWT).
"bi'salismul fusuqu ba'dal 'iman"  (QS Al Hujurat:11)

Even the name, the mention, the word for something bad is terrible once you have faith. Even the mention of something terrible, is horrible for you, and it's harmful for you after you have faith. You have to hava a clean toungue.

wa qul li'ibaadi yaquulullatii Hiya ahsan (QS Al Isra:53).
Tell my slaves to say that which is the best.

Say what is the best, say good things from your mouth. So this is the first thing. So when you say horrible things. You say things that are in direct contradiction to the moral gauge that Allah (SWT) gifted us with. Then obviously, you are devlating from your natural fitrah. You are predispositioned to turn to Allah (SWT). And when you constantly listen to garbage like that, then you get deviated. And you don't find plesure except in disobedience to Allah (SWT). And that is a sign of sick heart.
So one has to distance themselves from this. This is the first step.

And I'll tell you... this is my personal measured.. this is not a fatwah. It's my personal analysis, you don't have to take it. But if a person finds listening to the Qur'an annoying after they've been listening to hip hop for a long time. And as soon somebody puts the Qur'an on in the car you know what they say? Hey man turn that off man, I just want to talk. And immediately they get a little annoyed when they hear the Quran. That actually means the Syayatheen have taken over. And they are constantly making waswasa (whispers) to this person.

Beccause what do the shayatheen hate the most? They hate the Qur'an. They hate the word of Allah. They flee... it hurts them. So you know what they do? Because this person has let shayatheen in to his heart. They start pinching at his heart when he hears Quran. And he says, "I don't want to hear this." It's like surgery. It's like a pulling a tooth for this person. This happens...

When you try to give this person a reminder from Allah's (SWT) word. THey get annoyed by it. Like agitated, like an allergic reaction. Why? Because they've let the shayateen in. To let them out, the first thing you got to do is, stop supplying them with fuel.

THis is fuel. This useless wasting of time. This is fuel for shaytan. They love that you waste your time. They love it. Because the one asset, the one place of wealth, that Allah (SWT) gave every human being is time.

And what is music, and tv, and youtube, and facebook, and myspace and twitter and whatever else. If you are spending hours and hours and hours on this stuff. What is it excepet destroying your time. It's taking that one asset away from you. Shaytan would love nothing more.

May Allah (SWT) give you the strength to get away from this temptations. But my advice that I keep going over, I can't get enough of giving this advice. Find better friends. Find company that is not in to these things. And try to spend more time with them. And insyaAllah you will weean yourself off of these habits. Bi idznillah.

- Ustadz. Nouman Ali Khan -



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